K12 Tech Talk


Episode 46 - The Interview with MS-ISAC

October 7, 2021

This episode is a big one! Chris, Cory, and Josh quickly talk about recent issues in their schools including Chris finding a Chromebook that was hit by a train, literally. However, the biggest share of this episode is an interview with Jamie, Michelle, and Nolan. They are from the Center for Internet Security (cisecurity.org) and MS-ISAC. They talk about the threats that schools face and the services they offer that could help schools mitigate those risks, including a dedicated SOC staffed 24/7 standing by to support schools... for free!!! To contact them, sign up, or get more information about something they mentioned tonight, visit cisecurity.org or email info@msisac.org or services@cisecurity.org. If you are already a member, you can email their SOC at soc@cisecurity.org. 

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